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Hi, I am a longtime Ebay seller, but new to Auctiva.
One of the nice things about Ebay's calculated shipping is that it includes my mandatory insurance cost (USPS) based on the current price of the auction.
I have signed up for Auctiva's Insurance program. I suspect that the calculated shipping charges shown do not include insurance. I tell my customers that insurance is required but it is included in the calculated shipping. They may be upset if they have to pay an additional charge after the auction.
Does the calulated shipping include Auctiva insurance?
If not, how can I fix this so my customers know in advance what the shipping charges will be?
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I am kind of confused about the new requirements regarding insurance. I have insurance listed as an option right now on all my listings, but I don't have any verbage talking about insurance in my listings. I take it the option will no longer show up in September when the changes take place. But I am also assuming I don't have to manually change the option for insurance, but that it will just disappear. Is that correct?

My second questions is how do I go about buying insurance if someone wants it? Will I be able to come over to the auctiva site and click on "add insurance" and they will get the e-mail that says their package has insurance on it like how it is currently set up?

Thanks for all your help.Smile
Hi lots of lotions,

I suspect that eBay will not change the insurance option on listings that are already active when their new shipping insurance policy goes into effect, but I am not entirely sure of that. This was not made clear on the announcement they made about this change so I recommend contacting eBay's customer support group to see if they can provide you with a definitive answer to that question.

If they do remove the insurance option from all active listings when they put that new policy into effect and you wanted to add a statement to your description about insurance, you would have to revise the description of each listing manually using eBay’s “Revise your Item” form to do so.

The shipping insurance option will just be removed from the Auctiva listing creation page and any saved listings you have stored in your account when these changes take effect so you will not need to make any changes to your existing saved listings in order to post them again in the future.

The process of purchasing insurance through Auctiva will effectively work the same as it does now. You will be able to either set your account to automatically generate insurance policies for your items or purchase insurance policies for them manually using the “Add Insurance” link next to them on your Auctiva Transactions page. The email notifications regarding insurance policies that are purchased will work just like they do now.

I hope this helps. If you have any other questions regarding your account, please feel free to contact our customer support team using the web form on the following page of our site:


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