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I have an ebay store and have recently discovered Auctiva. Listings that I have posted through Auctiva look so nice, I would like to revise all of my other 200+ listings to match.

Is there a way to revise the listings that were created through ebay "Pre-Auctiva" with the great templates that are available? Plus, it would be great to add more photos to them.

I am not computer literate as far as html codes and there an easy answer? lol
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It's been several years since I stopped using ebay to create and submit listings and switched to Auctiva. However, I do remember signing up to Auctiva while I continued to list on ebay for a few weeks. I thought I recalled my ebay submission showing-up in my Saved Listings in the Imported Listings folder. If you're looking in the Active listings, those just show links to ebay (agree). However, do you have any listings showing in the SAVED LISTINGS, especially any that are in the Imported Listings folder?

I was looking around to see if any of the Tutorials or Forum posts mention that import, but no luck. I honestly thought the Imported function was the easy way to migrate listing to Auctiva and dress-them-up with their templates.

Unless someone else pops in with a suggestion, I'd start a Support Case and ask exactly how to get your listings imported.

It's just been too long since I migrated, and things do change. However, I don't think they'd have that Imported Listings folder without a good reason. Wink


Edit: I was just looking at the Closed Listings page, and there is an IMPORT LISTING button. Looks like you can select and Import previously closed listings from ebay.
Not sure if there is a bulk way to do this because it seems that you have a lot of listings that you would like to update, but for individual listing edits...just go to "Saved Listings" under the Listings tab, find your listing and click on the Get HTML Action link. Copy all of the HTML code and Delete the HTML code in your eBay listing and Paste the new code.
So It sounds like I am supposed to leave all the listings in the "Saved listings" page...forever?

I deleted all of them for organizational reasons. The new ones show up of course, and the ones I import from the closed listings page (which I also emptied) but I couldn't deal with 800 listings sitting there so got rid of them. Is there a way to get them back?
I can't remember doing anything to get them there in the first place!?

Uhhg...I'm hopeless! lol Roll Eyes
Originally posted by customguitarnbassparts:
I am also new to Auctiva and am trying to find out the same thing. Any suggestions are appreciated. I cannot find any help for this issue anywhere.

So far, I've just been ending my listings each day and waiting for them to show up in my "closed listings" folder. Then I work my butt off trying to get them edited and re-posted or re-scheduled (depending on what crazy hour I get done).

The bad thing about this is that I'm still waitin' for some of them to show
And..if you miss ending some, you gotta wait a whole other month or just forfeit your listing fees.

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