Is there a way to put all the different size boxes I use to ship with, into inventory, and then assign a box to an item I sell, and then have Auctiva let me know when my inventory is getting low?

Also, if I use 30 cents of bubble wrap to ship a Grey Widget, is there a report I can run that'll tell me the cost of bubble wrap and boxes for a particular month?
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You can keep track of the different size boxes you use to ship with. Enter each box into the inventory system as a part. Then, create an assembly using the inventory item you'd like to sell and the box. Then associate the assembly to the listing. The inventory system will then track the assembly quantity and based on your inventory settings, inform you when your inventory is low.
But will auctiva keep track of my costs, and profit? In other words, is there a report that will tell me what I earned after an item sold?

Basically the selling price, minus ebay fees, minus paypal fees, minus shipping, minus cost of box (packing), plus what the buyer paid for shipping, minus my cost for the item.

Can I put these costs in the inventory system of Auctiva, and get an accurate profit report?

Currently our inventory system does not have a reporting feature to get transaction reporting based on inventory items.

We do, however, have a custom reports page that you can use to gather transactional information. This is found under the Sales tab and CSV Reports sub-navigation.

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