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Can someone help me with Kickitback and Sellathon?

Some of my listings show the Sellathon counter and underneath that the thing that says "Click here to see my items by popularity" or something to that effect.

Then other listings show the but nothing says "click here to see my other listings"--not unless they click the kickitback. thing. Even if they do click the Kickitback thing---those items with the Kickitback counter do NOT show up.

Is there something I need to update? How do I get the thing with Sellathon's "click here to see my other listings". The old way seemed better.

Am I missing something or do I need to update?
Any help would be most appreciated.
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Dear B. L. Shelby,

You've done nothing wrong - most of the fault is with Sellathon and a small part of the fault is with eBay (for making rapid-fire changes utterly without the the use of any cerebral grey matter).

Basically, Sellathon has been dying and nearly useless for weeks and, depending upon how well Auctiva reacts to the threat of the loss of the Sellathon asset (which they purchased in early 2007 when Sellathon still worked well and provided good customer service), a distinct possibility right now for, if they continue to fail at making this product work, they will lose all Sellathon revenue. Perhaps they hope to use this debacle to advertise another of their assets, KickItBack, but the amount of anger they've generated recently with their ill-advised behavior is surely biasing their potential KickItBack customer community (not that I care for the KickItBack idea, in any case) against it.

So, the only thing to do is wait, for Sellathon support is nearly nonexistent, now, and Auctiva support personnel bristle at complaints against- and help requests for Sellathon ViewTracker problems (the main problem being that, at present, nothing is working at all).


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