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Hi itsjustme,

The error message you reported hear was related to the issue I posted about on the following thread on the "News" section of our community forum:

The issue was actually resolved right around the same time you posted this message, so I suspect you did not receive any more of these errors once you returned to your account after making this post.

In any event, we’re sorry about the inconveniences and appreciate you helping to bring this to our attention.

Mike.. I am still having problems with VERY SLOW loading and some not loading at all this just started yesterday after update to site.

I did write support last night and they said clear cache and cookies, etc. I have done several times. I am not having issues on other sites. Did clear and complete shut down last night and again today. Still slow loading??

Also when I click Notifications at top, it will not flip to those. I tried earlier to look in the closed listings for something that had closed and it first would not flip over, when it did after many tries it went to listings I had sold and I put in CLOSED several times it took me to same place or nowhere at all.

I have also just attempted log in through Internet Explorer, it will not allow log in at all. Though that is not going to be solution for listing anyway, as the pages jump on there and have for months which drives me insane (almost as insane as this issue).

There is nothing else I can do on this end that I know of.. it appears to be auctiva issue.

Thanks for an update on what could be happening here.
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Hi. . .After many notes telling of different glitches and clearing cache, etc., I got note from auctiva here is part of it below, rest is thanks for reporting etc.

We are still experiencing a technical problem with our database that was causing site slowness and generic error messages. Our engineering team is working on correcting these issues and we will have them resolved as soon as possible.

I do wish when this happens rather than telling us to clear cache, etc., and us pulling our hair out if they would put that this is issue somewhere so we can move onto other things for awhile rather than making us think it is our issue. Or put it in support where they put known problems at least. Or put us a note on community.

ARG. . but am glad to know I am not crazy.. or totally crazy!!

Thanks (guess misery loves company) but am glad to know it is not "just me".

i am laughing out loud...i guess i'll change my name to itsnotjustme.

clearing the cache is kind of like an excuse to buy time.

i have to say that by april 1 auctiva will be inundated with api complaints due to ebay rule changes. The verbiage about not being responsible for items lost in the mail will be a no no by ebay standards. i always had that in standard language. i asked auctiva if they could put a way to globally change checkout instructions for multiple listings at once but they could only put it on a to do list.

i have been individually editing approx one hundred listings daily to update checkout to new language/profile.

Thx Vickie. (for listening as well as commenting)

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