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I am sure this question has come up, but I am not on this board very much and would like some input.

I sell vintage and pre-owned handbags and wallets. I try to sell auction style, but business today doesn't always bring the same results unless it is a specific brand, no matter what the quality is!

Since I have a store, I am trying to list fixed price more often. Since the new multi-variation tool has come into effect, this process has been more difficult for me.

I can see where when you sell a product that you have multiple stock of it is helpful...but not for my product.

I have to revise and manually put the item specifics into each listing after it is listed!

Is there a way of disabling the muti-variation tool and using item specifics as easily when creating an auction style listing?? Like how it used to be!

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

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I'm not sure I understand the problem you are having.

Auctiva doesn't force users to use the multivariation tool. There is a link on the lister page that allows you to open up and use the tool, but its not mandatory. You can still create a fixed price auction with item specifics without multi-variations. People do it all the time; there are still many categories where multivariation listings aren't supported by eBay.

Bottom line is that there is no way to 'disable' the multivariation tool because you have to specifically click the link for it on the lister page in order for it to appear.

I hope this helps. If I'm not understanding your issue properly, please post back and will try to help you further.
Thanks Tony for your prompt response. When I switch from an auction to a fixed priced listing. All I see is the prompt for creating the multi-variations under item condition on the lister page. I do not see the simple "choose item specifics" anymore like with auctions. I have tried using the variations for my fixed price listings, but then there is an error message when I try to post. Obviously, I am having trouble with this....sorry, I am sure it is probably an easy fix but I am a bit slow sometimes! I have read through the tutorials but I was just the "choose item specifics" somewhere that perhaps I am not seeing on the lister page??? I know it should be under the item condition, or does that prompt disappear when choosing fixed price.....any suggestions?

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