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Have 2 eBay ID's, thus also 2 different Auctiva Stores and 2 different email adresses. Ebay token already generated for the 2 Stores.
First Auctiva Store I use already long time without problems. But now with my second Auctiva Store I cannot list any item. So frustrating ! Anyone can help me please ?
Here is the error message of Auctiva :

"eBay has not posted your item due to title, description, and/or eBay policy violation. Please contact Auctiva support for more information on why your listing has failed to post."
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Hi member_8880,
Thanks for responding. Yeah I also don't think it is problem in title or description. Title about necklace in silver sterling 925 (same in description). Only payments via Paypal, Moneybookers or bankaccount is possible. I changed also already the category but still same problem. Really no idea what's all about here. Hope from Auctiva Help soon.
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