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I have tried about 15 times to save my checkout profile. No error message, but the screen just comes back up again when I name it and hit save.

It appears to have eaten all my "return policy" and "payment instruction" details so I am not going to do any more typing until I find out whats wrong.

I have saved my marketing and shipping and master profiles with no trouble, but not the checkout...

Any hints??
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[QUOTE]Originally posted by Rick Bradford:
Hi. I started another thread about this very topic.

Thanks Rick.
Actually I did a search before I posted mine and yours didn't come up. I searched under "checkout profile" and I still dont know why yours didnt. Maybe it was too new? I was thinking about asking why as a new topic, since the search feature is so important.

Then I started physically looking through recent posts and cam across yours. Thanks again.

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