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We are changing image servers as we speak.
We simply can not go through another year like last year..
We lost a BUTTS this last year in record Low Auction sales..

We end most of our auctions during Prime Time Internet time 7pm – 11pm EST
It almost always never fails that Auctiva has image trouble almost every day somewhere within this time frame.

It is within this time frame we need to have our images work the most and this last year they were mostly DOWN within this time frame and is Part of the reason are sales are down.

Auctiva has a great site and a lot of Great features. The only trouble is, all these great features
Hinge on your images loading in a timely manner.. I will continue to use SOME of auctiva’s great features, but the image hosting they offer is SUBSTARDARD at best. When you are trying to make a living selling on Ebay or any other venue for that matter you need GOOD RELIABLE image hosting.
Without good reliable image hosting you might as well through in the towel NOW..

Also we are NOT moving our images onto the Ebay image server..
The price Ebay charges for their image service is EXTREAMILY High when compared to other sites that host images.
Ebay is SOOOOOOOOOOoooooo money hungry it isn’t even funny.

Once again, not so long ago Ebay raised its store listing fees over 500% without blinking an Eye..
Yep Ebay got Millions of people using their stores, listing 10’s of million of items than BAM
Came the 500% price increase..

Well surprise surprise Ebay, You are now loosing Ebay store owners in droves.. LOL Stupid AZZES!

You see, Ebay thinks that they had everyone over a barrel and that is simply not true..

I will also personally CLOSE our Ebay store and return to Auctions ONLY as soon as I can sell off some of this stuff off.

Ebay is also riddled full of Scam artists and out right crooks, and Ebay seems to condone these actions as long as it doesn’t affect their bottom line “The Profits”

I point this out because there will soon came a day when Auctiva will also charge for its services and rightfully so.
Hopefully when that day comes they will have all the bugs worked out of their image hosting, because if they
Don’t they will have MASS Exodus on their hands..

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70 images in 20 seconds? what kind of internet connection do your have? Your images must be around 5-10kb each!
cjackc, I never use IE anymore. There's simply no need to. I don't even have v.7 installed on my computer. When I use my cousin's computer that has IE7 I can tell a big difference in the speed/responsiveness. I'm totally satisfied with FF, especially since v.2 came out.
FIOS by Verizon, fiber optic line. Very fast.

My images are about 50-100 k each I think. I sell postcards so I like to use a nice big sharp image- its a big selling point - most other sellers use tiny ones but I think I get a competitive edge with the bigger better scans.

I use Firefox for most things, but for uploading images to Auctiva the fast uploader only works on IE. ( the first one on the upload page)

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