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I quote from eBay about these changes Needlecrafts & Yarn: categories being consolidated
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• All subcategories under Cross Stitch & Hardanger> Kits will be combined into a single category.

• All subcategories under Cross Stitch & Hardanger> Patterns will be combined into a single category. Please complete the "Theme" and "Style" item specifics now to ensure visibility once the new category structure is in place.

I have MANY listings already created using the old categories with multiple variations inside each one. When I try to change one of these listings to the new category 34032, all of the variations I have in there are gone. This is going to be MAJOR WORK for me to redo all these and I have hundreds more to add. Is there some way support can facilitate just the category change from the old cross stitch pattern categories to the new single category?
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Hi tita,

Unfortunately, the variation generator is loaded on to the listing creation page when a category is selected, so when you change category, even to another category that allows variation listings, the generator reloads fresh, so there is no way to keep the variants when changing the category for a listing.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

- Craig
Originally posted by tita:
Appreciate your reply. However, the problem is that I have variations. Just changing from category 34041 to the single new category that is going to be required by ebay which is 34032 makes all the variations I have set up go bye bye.
Your not alone with this problem, I have spent almost 2 weeks doing the same to my listings. Auctiva doesnt care. It would be very simple for them to make a change in the Advanced edits to correct these but again they simply do not care.

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