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When I started Auctiva, I had one ebay account. Closed it because I was done selling. Now I am back but created a new ebay account as we are doing things a bit different. I forgot to change my store info and had 4 items launch with the old store name in there. Do not want any associations there. So I revised those, got rid of the window and ended. Launched a new ad after I editted my store. BUT when I look at the scrolling store, it has my old store name. What am I doing wrong?? Steph
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I'm not sure but here is a couple suggestions. I just changed my nick on ebay and to make sure there were no problems I updated the token.
1-update your ebay token
2-update your store categories (not sure if this has anything to do with it but won't hurt.
3- make sure the old name isn't in the template your using anywhere. (if I remember you do your own templates)

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