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Originally posted by JRA 1:
Hello All
I want to change some of the details in my listings that are currently running. Things like email address, shipping info etc....
I know I can do this through the pre filled profiles section. What is the easiest way to edit then repost a current listing ??

Hi JRA 1,

For all listings that are currently active on eBay you will need to use eBays' Revise tool to make any changes.

From Auctiva, you can update your profiles then update each listing. As far as I know there is no easy way to update your saved in bulk. But after you update the listing with the new profile changes they will show up next time you submit that listing.

Hope that helps friend. Happy selling!

Best regards,
Here are instructions from ninth_wave on another thread, about pics but works the same. Thanks Ninth. Wink

"The method I prefer is to revise your saved listing in Auctiva, and then copy & paste the HTML from the revised listing into the description box of your active listing. No extra charge for this either. Here are the steps:

1) Locate your listing in your Saved Listings folder in Auctiva, open it, make any necessary changes (add the new photos), preview, and save.
2) On your Saved Listings page, click the <HTML> icon to the right of your listing.
3) Select all of the HTML in the popup window and copy it.
4) Locate the item on eBay and click the "Revise your item" link.
5) Click the "HTML" tab above the Description box.
6) Select all of the HTML that's there, paste the copied HTML in its place, and save your changes.

Keep in mind that you can only change your listing if there are no bids and more than 12 hours left on the auction."
Hi Katy

Saved Button - means the completed listing is stored on Auctiva's servers ready to be used again to create another listing or to be posted at a later date.

Post Button - means it's sent to ebay straight away.

I would expect that pressing the post button saves and then posts, I tend to schedule everything so I generally just save a complete batch of listings and then schedule them whether it be for later that day or weeks ahead. Smile

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