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Hi...great forums.

I have a problem can't seem to find the answer to through searching.

I have over 100 listings that I listed thru Auctiva to Ebay. They are now closed and I want to change the shipping templates I applied to them initially due to a change in postal rates ?

The listings in question are all the same...i.e. hockey cards .

Is there an easy way to do this in bulk ? I really don't want to have to individually correct each one.

I thought of bulk edit and just raise the autcion start price, but that would cause too much confusion I think if people bought cards with old shipping rates and new ones in one invoice.

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Hi Havok,

Thanks for posting your question here. If posting these items as new listings from your Saved Listings page would be acceptable for you (as opposed to relisting them from your Closed Listings) page, I believe we can offer you a solution that will make this relatively painless.

Assuming you still have these items on your Saved Listings page, which should be the case if you have not deleted them or saved over them, you could use the "Find and Replace" option on your Saved Listings to update the shipping information for all of those saved listings in bulk and then post them from there once they have been modified.

If you would like to go ahead and do this, the first thing you will need to do is create a new shipping profile that contains all the new shipping information you would like to add to the listings. You can start creating your new shipping profile by mousing over the "Profiles" tab within your account and selecting the "Shipping" option under "Profiles".

Once you have created this new shipping profile, you would then want to check the boxes next to the desired items on your Saved Listings page and click the "Find and Replace" button. You would then want to select "All Shipping Fields" from the "Select Field to Edit" drop down menu on the ensuing page and you should be presented with the option to apply your new shipping profile to the selected listings.

Since it sounds like all of these listings are for hockey cards and can use the same shipping information, I believe you will be able to get all your new shipping information in these listings at once without requiring any further revisions.

I hope this helps. If you need any further assistance with this process, or any other aspect of your Auctiva account, please feel free to contact our customer support team by mousing over the "Help" tab and selecting the "File Support Case" option.

Thanks for the quick reply.

Here's the problem, they are no longer in my saved folder, just in closed listing folder.

I think I may have been doing this all wrong as I have created folders for different kind of after I create and upload the listing to Ebay I then move the items to other folders.

There is no way to move these items from closed listing folder into a saved folder I presume.

When I go to manage folders and use the find and replace option, it tells me there are no listings in the folder I selected yet they are there.

An error message pops up with

"Your folder contains 0 listings. An error occured while loading the Item Condition Find-Replace page "

Maybe it only shows active listings i can find and replace ?
Hello again Havok,

The "Find and Replace" tool on the Saved Listings page can only be used to edit saved listings so it is understandable that you received a message indicating your folder contained no listings since the listings in the folder are closed listings and not saved listings.

The "Import Listings" button on the Closed Listings page can be used to convert closed listings to saved listings, so you may be able to get the desired result by using that option to move them over to the Saved Listings page and then using the "Find and Replace" option for the folder.


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