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I just spent months updating all my listings with UPC’s. Just when I thought I was finally done, Ebay’s 2016 Spring Seller Update now requires me to change the Category ID for all my jewelry listings from Fashion Jewelry to Fine Jewelry effective immediately. My first question is whether there is a way to bulk edit all my multi variation jewelry listings to this new Category requirement in one step. My second question, which is a major problem, is that when I change the Category ID, it wipes out all the data in my variations including all my custom created variations in addition to the UPC’s I just spent months updating! Please tell me there is a way in Auctiva to change the Category ID WITHOUT it impacting the Listing Variations section!! If not, I may finally be forced to look at other hosting platforms since this inability to bulk edit many of the fields for the multi variation listings has now come back to haunt me for the fourth time! A tremendous amount of data input time can be saved by allowing these much needed functions. (time I simply don’t have anymore). Please help!
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Hello Unicorn Glitter -

Unfortunately there is no way to bulk update categories on your Saved Listings.

The difficulty you have encountered is expected behavior - which is, in part, why there is no tool to update categories in bulk. Please be aware that each category in eBay may have different options or requirements, so the listing creation page in your Auctiva account is dynamic and the available options change as selections are made. So, once you select the eBay site you wish to post to, some of the options on the lister change - this occurs again as soon as a category is selected.

So, if you change the category, the options on the lister page also change based on the requirements and options based on the new category. Currently we are unable to retain that data when the category changes even though the new category may have similar options or requirements, which requires such changes to be made on a case by case basis.

However, I have forwarded your comments along in the form of a feature request to our Product Management team for further investigation into the possibility of retaining the information such as you have described.

- Craig
Thanks for your reply Craig. Are you saying it's normal for the change in Category ID to wipe out the Variations also? It seems the two are not connected but perhaps there is more to it than I understand. The UPC's for these jewelry items are the same regardless of the Category so I don't see why they would be deleted by a change in Category. I just can't face another round of months of data entry so any help would be most appreciated.
Hello Unicorn Glitter,

Craig is currently out of the office, so I wanted to respond back to you. Smile

This is correct. Our One Page Lister is designed to work from top to bottom, and the page loads based off of information we receive from eBay based on the eBay Category you choose. When you change the category, we make new calls to eBay, and reload parts of One Page Lister page depending on what information we receive from the calls to eBay at that time.

Our Product Development Team just reached out to me and they would love to get more information about your request, and have requested you create a Support Case within Auctiva, so we can work with you directly.

If you will, can you please file a Support Case with us at so we can discuss things further?

I hope to hear back from you soon!


-Johnnie Q.

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