My checking profile is correct when I view it - 14 days return , no restocking fee. I add it to the listing and when I preview the listing it is incorrect - 0 days return and restocking fee may apply. This is a long standing problem for me.
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Hi Jazz,

Thanks for helping to bring this to our attention.

I just reviewed your account and was able to reproduce the issue you described when previewing your items from the Saved Listings page directly. However, when I opened up the same listings and previewed them using the “Preview” button at the bottom of the lister page, this return information did show up correctly.

The discrepancy you mentioned appears to be indicative of an issue with the preview that is generated from the Saved Listings page, so I have forwarded the details of the issue to our technical team so we can resolve that issue with a future site update.

I believe this issue is limited to the preview page so you should find that this return information will show up correctly on eBay once you have posted them.

We apologize for any confusion this issue may have caused.

Oh yeah, this happens to me ALL the time Smile
The preview page almost looks corrupted ??? Or glitchy? Can't think of a better word. But I post the listing anyway and it's ALWAYS as it should be.

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