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Hi all

well in case this is affecting anyone else I thought I would post it as well

On 1/2/2012 (Happy New Year) my Closed listings started appearing in the Imported Folder. I was good little boy and submitted a support case. So far I have gotten "no one else has reported this" As I told them I don';t care it is happening

I than did some more research for them and found that most of my Active Listings also think they should be in the Imported Folder. Well I have never listed anything from the Imported folder. So please be aware that your items may also have been "moved" to the Imported folder. Once I have a minute I need to check to be sure that the Images also aren't in the Imported folder as that would mean duplicates and than would mean going over the gig line and that would mean more money for Auctiva
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Hi Ed,

Thanks for contacting us regarding this matter. The only reason that items should appear in the Imported Listings folder on your Closed Listings page under normal circumstances (if they were not specifically placed there) is if the listings were posted directly outside of Auctiva, such as directly through eBay or another listing service, and then imported into our system after.

Since this was a new occurrence for you, I suspect that a glitch occurred which caused these items not to be entered into the Auctiva system immediately when they were posted and that they were then imported into your account later as if they had been posted outside of eBay.

I'm not quite sure what would have caused this to happen, but I did respond to your support case about this yesterday and I will send the details over to our engineering team if you confirm that you did not post those items outside of Auctiva.


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