I can't get my ebay ended items to move to my Auctiva closed listings. Can anyone HELP??
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I can't get my ended items over to my Auctiva closed listings either. I'll be watching for an answer to our question.

Also, I can't move sold items over to my SOLD listings and I can't delete saved listings that are no longer in use or have been sold.

Thanks in advance anyone that can help.
Ok, It's been several hours and I still don't have any listings in the Auctive closed auction folder. In "My ebay" I currently have 16 unsold listings. I need to get them imported to Auctive so I can relist them. Thanks SO much for your help.

I didn't know you could relist (for ebay credit) item thru auctiva. I didn't know you could relist period thru auctiva. If is possible, then please hook me up. =)
Hi all,

It can typically take a couple days for your recently closed listings to show up in your closed listings folder. If you need to access them for relisting, please file a support case and we'll help expedite that process for you.

To relist items that didn't sell through Auctiva, locate the listing in your Saved or Closed listings folder. If they're in your Closed Listings folder, check the boxes next to them and click "Import"...that will send them to your Saved Listings folder. From your Saved Listings folder, just click the boxes next to the appropriate listings and click post or schedule. Bear in mind that relists done through Auctiva aren't eligible for the listing fee reimbursement.

To remain eligible for the listing fee reimbursement from eBay, you must relist your items directly through eBay.

We will be adding the ability to relist through Auctiva, and still remain eligible for eBay’s listing fee credit, for our phase II release later this year.

Hey Mike,

Yes I understand all of that. I don't know what you did but now I have auctions in my "closed" folder. This is the first time ever listings have shown up here. I hope they continue to feed in correctly even if it takes several days. Better than not at all!!


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