Closed listings are not showing up in the Closed listing pages even after some time has passed.
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I just closed a listing as it had some errors in it (that part is my problem) is not coming over from ebay though ended in ebay system.

Anyone else having problems with closed listing transferring over???
Just an update...took about 30 minutes for closed listing to transfer over.

Strange though...I ended listing at 9:02 (within seconds of 9:03) got email confirmation immediately from ebay that it had ended. which was marked at 9:03. Auctiva system did not post for at least 30 minutes and when it posted it showed 9:01 end time. So Auctiva system it ended before I ended or before ebay shows it ended?

I am not sure if and how this will impact those who schedule if you schedule you may want to check.

Just a you sure do not want duplicates on ebay.
I had to end couple for revisions and to relist...they did not transfer over either. Did not wait it out so do not know what time flipped over to closed.
So far tonight it has been OVER 3 HOURS and the ended listings are still not showing up in the Closed Listings.

This needs to get fixed.
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