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Hello to all. I just wanted to know if there is anyone out there that can give me comments or suggestions on building up to Trading Assistant. I cannot list in the Ebay Directory right now because of my feedback score. I have placed an ad in my local newpaper and I have flyers up all over town. I haven't really got the response that I was expecting from that though. I think that it is due to the fact that the items I have been selling on Ebay are from my personal collections and they really are high dollar items which may discourage potential customers from signing on with me because they think I sell too low. How do I get more/better items to sell on Ebay. And how do I REALLY draw attention to my business I am trying to build. My goal is to have a brick/mortar store open in town by the end of the summer. Thanks to all.
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Remember, you can raise that feedback score by buying too. I'd suggest you try to buy things that you were going to buy locally anyway and build up that feedback. It takes time to build up a TA business, and you won't see results right away, not even after you are included in the directory. Most of the business will come from referrals.
One of the reasons someone will use a trading assistant is because they want someone who is a very experienced seller, and because buyers are often more comfortable buying expensive items from an established seller with higher feedback. A new seller with low FB may be just fine, but they might not be. You never know.

100 feedback really isn't that high. You'll probably be there in no time. And the higher you get over 100, the more likely you'll get more business.
I have been thinking about trying to do a trading assistant business as well. I live in an upscale rural/urban area and was surprised when I did a search that there are actually a large number of registered assistants in my area. I have not finished my research yet but think that you will have to consider doing some paid advertising such as mailers as well as using some contacts to try to spread the word. Look for local HOA's or business associations that will print your business card in their newsletters, advertising circulars etc. Tap some friend who work in large offices to let you sell their stuff and then they will have something to tell their coworkers about you.

Like I said, I have not started my consignment business yet because I am still in the research stage, but I am starting to network and hoping to have a business plan in the near future. Registering as a trading assistant on ebay will not get you there. You are going against the franchise stores who have nat'l name recognition, so you have to network your way into it.

Also, you need to have definitive fees and contracts to present to prospective clients. People do not want to see you as a startup, wishy washy, or worst of all negotiable. Make sure your ebay ME page is done, looks professional, describes your business, includes terms of service so people will be confident that you can handle their transaction.

This business is at least 50% research. Hope this will help you get started on yours.

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