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I'm trying to get my product images optimized. Previously when I was using the eBay interface I understood that 1600px X 1600px gave me great images.

I'm using the the Smart Handhelds template with Slideshow option. When I try to upload image I see the Max-Image size is 1920px X 1440px, so I make an image that size and upload. When it has uploaded into the Select Image panel it has now downsized to 1280px X 960px. And further, when I preview the listing the images are then stretched backup to 1390px X 1040px.

This is obviously lowering the quality of my product images. So my question is, what image options should I be using to get the maximum quality without this compression and stretching. Ideally I would like to just use 1600px square as that is best for eBay gallery.

Thanks for any help. 

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Hello Bushturkey - 

In your Account Preferences there is a section for Image Management - and we currently offer 2 sizes for the maximum image size for your image uploads.  The higher of the two is 1920 x 1440px, so uploading larger images will result in some mild compression to bring your images to that size.  Unfortunately, at this time, we have no larger option to select.  Typically compressing an image would not have an adverse affect of the image quality as it might when an image is enlarged.

You should be able to use your larger images for upload and the reduction in size should not have an adverse affect on the actual image quality.  Alternately, if you have image hosting elsewhere online, you can shift the description editor to use externally hosted images; this can be done by clicking the linkg for "switch to externally hosted images" in the Image Selection area of the lister page, which is just above the section for Optional eBay Gallery Images.

You can also make a feature request regarding this at our Feature Center located here.

 - Craig

Hello again,

Thanks for getting back to me.  I seem to have misunderstood your initial query a bit, but I understand you more correctly now (apologies for that).  Yes, your understanding is correct - the templates do have defined image sizes, so the supersized version of images would show at those dimensions (1390 x 1040) when you have used the larger of the available sizes for upload.

There is another option, which may or may not be suitable for your purposes.  You can also use the Insert an Auctiva Hosted image tool in the description editor to add your uploaded images directly to your listings at the larger size.  This will display such images at that size within the description - so they would not supersize and the listing would have large images within the description.  While this would not resolve any issues with the Header image as that must be submit to eBay using the Image Selection area of your listings, it would allow you to have images at 1920 X 1440px within the listing itself.

The tool for this is located in the lower portion of the toolbar for the description editor.  It is the button just beneath the button for Bold (9th from the left).

Should you encounter any difficulty using this tool or have any other difficulty, please also feel free to file a support case from under the Help tab of the site so our support team can have a look directly into your account at some examples to assist you further.

 - Craig

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