Does Auctiva have any generic contacts or agreements to use this feature, or do you have to create them yourself? I do many consignments, but am clueless on how to get started letting Auctiva help manage them? Any help out there?
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No, Auctiva doesn't have any example consignment agreements but if you do a search on google for "consignment agreement" there is a good amount of free and ones for a fee. Here is a small list of some of the ones I found: (free) (free) (free) (free) (from real ebay consignee) ($10) ($18) ($25)
This is not a Consignment Contract, but I have been looking for some Consignment Fees and found this on the net. I think I am going to use this. What do you think about it?

Example of commission schedule on a sale item closing at $ 29,500

Note that if your item sold for 100.oo your commission fee would be 15.oo + 24.50 = 39.50 (plus eBay listing fee)

50% of the first 30.oo ……………………... = 15.oo

35% of the next $100.oo ………………….. = 24.50
28% of the next $300.oo ………………….. = 56.oo
20% of the next $500.oo ………………….. = 40.oo

10% of the remaining over $500.oo

Thus... at a closing sale of 29,500

15.oo + 24.50 + 56.oo + 40.oo = 135.50 (covers the first 500.oo)

plus the 10% on the remaining 29000 = 2900 added to the 135.50 for a total of 3035.50

This 3035.50 is the sales commission paid to us, plus the eBay listing fees of 125.oo for the listing ad.

This sale cost the seller a total cost of 3160.50 and his truck was sold in 10 days ! ( The truck dealer had offered him 10,ooo for this truck , but we helped him clear 26,339.50)

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