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I am told Auctiva has found corruption in the Payout Reports that duplicates the descriptions and zeros out the amounts in the reports. So we are supposed to give our consignors a report that looks like this? I have to fill in the zeros and write in the correct item description. It is amazing that their engineers are stumped by this but they acknowledge the problem exists.
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Hi Community,

I just received an update on this issue from our engineering team and am pleased to report that we were able to update our system such that consignment items should no longer become corrupted in this manner when you create new consignment listings from existing listings for the same consignor and select the “Create a new consignment item for this consignor” option.

Unfortunately we were unable to fix the consignment items that were corrupted due to this issue while this was ongoing so those will remain in the same state, but at least you should not encounter this problem with future listings.

If you notice any remaining problems of this nature moving forward, please don't hesitate to let us know by filing a support case from the "Help" tab on our site. We apologize for the inconveniences this issue has caused.


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