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I am new to insurance on this site but have been using Auctiva for years. I have just filed a claim for some sunglasses that were lost in the mail FORTY FIVE days ago. It has been so long (because I HAD to wait this long to file a claim) and I'm sure the buyer is going to think I am some crazy person who wants them to attest to something on some form that probably isn't even in their language and that threatens to send them to prison if they lie! I can't even get people to write me back when I have a question about their address! Much less to fill out a form!
How do you guys handle this? If the person never fills it out- (never checks their email, can't read english, can't remember the transaction, isn't registered on eBay anymore) then we're just out of luck???
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Hi ebaydenise,

Thanks for contributing to our forum. Hopefully most buyers would remember a purchase that was lost or damaged during shipping, but I certainly understand how that may be some circumstances such as those you have mentioned that could make it difficult (or impossible) to get the buyer claim form that is typically required for the processing of a claim.

Shipsurance, the company who underwrites the shipping insurance policies we offer, does have buyer claim forms available in several different languages so, if this particular buyer is located outside of the US, I recommend checking with Shipsurance to see if they have a form in the buyer's native language.

If the buyer does not respond to your requests to complete the required form, I also recommend contacting Shipsurance for advice on how to proceed from there using the contact information on the following page of their website:

I hope this helps.

Shipinsurance is the absolute worst! I would not recommend them at all. Talk about crazy hoops to jump through. Trying to get a buyer who is already unhappy because either their item has not shown up or showed up damaged, to do something to actually help you the seller can be tough. Then they want copies of every little thing that is already on eBay and on our Auctiva accounts. The hoops are ridiculous - and this is coming from someone who works in the insurance industry! The insurance you can purchase directly from eBay is so nice and easy and doesn't require all this extra junk that Shipinsurance demands. I would not recommend them to anyone. They do everything in their power to not pay your claim, hoping that you will eventually just give up on jumping through the hoops. I know I did. It would be nice if we as Auctiva members had more than one choice of insurance we could choose since we are the ones purchasing it -
Thanks for that info.....

Got one I need to file for smaller amount...NOT even gonna bother not worth $30.00 to deal with it. Sure will evaluate carefully, very carefully buying insurance on smaller items that would not be worth the time to deal with them. Normally higher price items I ship priority mail which includes some insurance I believe....but will sure not be insuring smaller ones.

Plus, 45 days (on international) not sure what US one is, is pretty darn long time, as buyer and seller I sure would not want to wait 45 days. Buyers feel they are being "put off" if you tell them 45 days. I guess getting buyer to sign but not date form could be an option then when 45 days have passed send forms in? Hate to "cheat" the system, but the system honestly is set up so you almost have to.

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