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I don't know if anyone reads these forums anymore (not much traffic I can see) but I'll post this anyway.

Why is creating a custom template so bloody confusing and difficult?
The worst WYSIWYG editor I've ever seen. 
Select the template you want to edit, and the template looks totally different in the stupidly small editing area compared to when you go full screen.

It took me an hour to create what I thought was an adequate 15 image template. It looked good. Three distinct areas of five images in this format. (Gave up trying to modify it so I could get five lines of three images!!!. What special hoop do I need to jump through so the bloody thing lets me change the size of the thumbnail!)

Edited my listing to use this...The f%$king thing only shows eight images, and the rest of the information (Description, Payment, Shipping etc ) has lost its alignment. Parts of the template I didn't touch.

Please show me the errors of my way!


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I sincerely apologize for the issues you're experiencing trying to build a custom template! 

If you're interested in using one of our Listing Template Designs to showcase your product images and Seller Details within your eBay listing, there's no need to "customize" a template.  Rather, you can select the Template Design directly from the 1-Page Lister, and then when you post the listing via Auctiva, our system automatically inserts the images, description and Seller Details you've specified into the Template design.

Unless your making other changes to the Template design you really don't need to customize it. Here are some images that should help you complete this. 


Following the steps above will help you easily post new listings, with an Auctiva Listing Template design, to eBay. Additionally, all images will display in a neat and organized fashion, and they'll have the "click to supersize" feature, allowing your buyers to click your images as they view your listing, in order to see all of the fine details of your product. 


I hope this helps! 




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