Every time I fill out the description box, it all copies and pastes from my word document just fine. So I go and click POST , to post my listing, an then an error message displays telling me that I haven't typed in a description for the listing. I have tried repeatedly and the same thing happens. The description IS in the box, but Auctiva just keeps telling me it isn't !

Nor caanI preview my posts anymore before trying to post them. I'd have to edit the listing in ebay if there was something needing adjusting.

I am working on a new pc now and wonder if that is the issue ? I have IE 9 and WORD STARTER 2010, which is what I use to type stuff up then copy and paste. I've always worked by typing in a document first then pasting it into the description fieled and never had an issue on the old pc. And no I can't type it all by hand for each listing as 90% of what I'd put in each listing is the same, so it would be an enormous drain on time.

So what the heck is the problem here...why does Auctiva keep telling me to fill out the description field yet when I do, then hit POST, it all vanishes and I'm told there is no item description ! aaargggggh !
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It just occured to me NOT to copy and paste anything from the word document. So I just typed some random letters in the description field manually then hit POST to post the lising. This worked , ie the listing posted to ebay. So it looks like the problem is I cannot ccopy and paste from word -why not ?!!!
Word is weird, when my friend uses it to write emails and then copy and paste into emails we get all kinds of odd characters in her emails. It might be causing the problem.

I've been writing my descrips in Notepad for a long time now and find it works a lot better for me.

Don't know if it'll make a difference on Auctiva but it's what I do so it should work.
i always copy and paste from word and usually the latest auctiva editor makes it look just fine.

periodically i right click the mouse and click on paste and the small word dialog box comes up and i paste in there.

if i still have a problem (which occurs once in every thirty listings) i copy into notepad and then paste and stick into the description box.

there are many reasons to save the listings on your own computer, not the least of which is that you may have several stores and list in multiple areas.

As many of us know, the listing programs we use may fail and we may have to port our descriptions elsewhere so storing on your own pc is critical.

Yes you can also store in notepad.

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