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Is anyone else having this problem? I had a number of profiles that had a buy-it-now price in the appropriate box. When Ebay changed the rules on BIN amounts as of May 1, I decided to totally delete all BIN amounts, leaving only the starting price. I have modified all of the affected profiles, yet the changes are not saving. Both starting and BIN prices are the same as before, and because I don't have a BIN that is 30% more than the starting price, it will not post. If I try to create a listing, I am unable to get it to post because I get a BIN price error message. I filed a support case on May 1 about this, but have had nothing but a runaround from customer support. Everything they said to do, I've done. NOTHING has worked, after nearly 2 weeks of BS. I'm at the point now where I will have to start all over and create 11 entirely new profiles, just because I can't leave the BIN price blank!

Anyone have any suggestions? Customer support sure doesn't.
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I notice you said you wrote support on MAY lst...WOW!!! you truly are patient.

Just so you know...most of the staff is in China here are details as am running out door.. while regular support should be able to help you, I would ask them to get someone else to look at (move up food chain) with support.

That blog does say boards it will not affect us or listings....

Mike also posted on forum when asked:

Hi lookandbuyme,

Yes, we should be able to respond to any technical difficulties which may arise during the upcoming trip much of our staff will be embarking on. We have arranged to maintain the same support hours during that time and will have technical staff available to deal with any unforeseen issues.


So maybe someone will pop in to help you soon.

Good luck...

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