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This is my sales pitch below, tell me if you think it is effective enough to produce sales, if you wouldn't mind of course. Thanks in advance.

I recently acquired a bulk load of brand new software programs direct from the manufacturer. These programs include Broderbunds PhotoShop, Broderbunds Calendar Creator, and Nova Developments Seasons, Holidays & Events. Each of these normally are $19.95, however I am selling ALL THREE packaged together AS ONE, for 5 BUCKS!!!!!!!! You can check it out at the link below. Also shoot me a message if you are interested in cutting a deal, maybe for some as extras as gifts and what not.

3 GREAT programs, CHEAP!!!!
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I would be careful using pictures of something your aren't actually selling. You could end up with alot of unhappy customers who think they will be getting 3 boxed programs!

You have alot of text there and its not easliy readable and its a known fact must buyers are visual and don't read everything, I admit I didn't read it all either

To be honest I think you need to be more clear about what they are actually getting Wink
As a side note to your post, I found from personal experience that you never ask a potential customer to do something before they actually purchase from you. If you are interested in bulk/wholesale purchases, list twice, once in each category, or make the offer as an add on after they pay. Another angle would be to start an affiliate program.

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