In-Auctive-a strikes again! Just don't understand how you can make it so difficult for us to want to do business with you. Why not do maintenance at a less busy time than 9:30 am CST?
In-auctive-a is going to stupid itself out of business!
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Originally posted by Auctiva Jeff:
All of eBays new features went live today, so we needed to update the site to match their changes.

And you just found out about it this morning? Was that really the only time that you could do the necessary maintenance? It seems unlikely that it could not have been done sometime after midnight.
maintenance is always done around this time/day yes... It is unfair on Aussies as it always falls on our FRIDAY afternoon night, which for most ppl is a busy night. Its unfair that aussies suffer cause its convenient for US sites to do maintenance on thursday mornings... What about the Aussies that are paying to use the features here.. we have to either not list and miss buyers or list through ebay and not have the use of the auctiva features, why cant it be wednesday morning and that way it wont get in way of anyones busy times?? Makes sense to me..... come on we are paying to use site... let us use it when we need to

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