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Never, ever.

You've got 380 - how many more do you need Big Grin ?

It's voluntary, and bugging a customer about feedback can eventually backfire on you. I'd say you've got plenty of feedback to prove your credibility as a seller.

Edit: 100% and excellent star ratings. I'd say you've got nothing at all to worry about. Concentrate on other, more important things, IMO Smile
Never, like prodding a sleeping lion, when woken he will probably bite you, leave him alone.

Prodded buyers can leave poor feedback (e.g. your were a pest) or in the now dangerous days of DSR glowing positive feedback and all 1 star ratings that dent you without you being able to defend yourself. Then eBay will savage you in searches or worse.

Another problem you can have is customers keep on coming back for more, my feedback profile is almost static due to loyal customers. Smile

But then again, the best rating you can have is buyers coming back again and again, because if they return they were obviously well pleased with you, not just saying that to ensure apositive by return. An intelligent prospective buyer will see this. Cool

P.S. Yes, aways best : buyer feedback then seller feedback.
I recently developed another ebay seller ID. In the beginning, I could not list with a buy it now and a couple other things until I had around 10 feedbacks. I did then prompt a few buyers and sellers to give me feedback. That user name now has around 30 feedbacks and 100%, so now I would not do this.

In my regular seller name, I have 4083 feedbacks with 8571 actual positives. Again I would never ask for a feedback, since I already have plenty now.
Prodded buyers can leave poor feedback (e.g. your were a pest) or in the now dangerous days of DSR glowing positive feedback and all 1 star ratings that dent you without you being able to defend yourself.

Not necessarily so Choo check out I have been checking this out since I saw a post on another board about it. Some sellers are actually negging people who mess with their stars. My stars a re pretty good, but I ghave seen some instances where my stars have fluctuated from buyers that have emailed me thanking me for my prompt and courteous handling etc...
So the seller has been given a weapon inadvertently by eBay if they want to take advantage of it.
Hi Taz, I subscribed to dsrwatch to monitor my DSR as soon as I saw it on Auctionbytes (I believe) to keep tabs on my own ratings, whilst sales a little slow I can pinpoint back stabbers and leave feedback accordingly as I only leave feedback after the buyer.

And it is during slow times you certainly don't want the odd malicious buyer to make things worse.

I then block major backstabbers, plenty more fish in the sea. Smile
Ah, but what I mean about not being able to defend youself is that you are stuck with the dent and ebay keeps turning the DSR thumb screws so you as a seller suffer whilst the casual buyer who is malicious and does no selling is affected very little.

I consider it still very one sided they can happily put up with the occasional red bceause it does not cost them anything, for the seller everything on eBay costs (except Auctiva).
Buyers generally have no idea that they are hurting sellers when they give them less than a 5 star rating.

Yes, there are vindictive buyers (as there are sellers), however, the problem is eBay, not the buyers. eBay tells buyers that 3s are acceptable, and 4s are good, while at the same time, telling sellers that they'll be penalized for having anything less than 4.3 (give or take).

Punishing buyers for dinged stars is misplaced, in my opinion.
I think it's a crud system. I checked mine, it shows 6 of my sales - all of these will be for some books I sold. They are all in the 'middle 50%'. But I know that my descriptions were absolutely spot on (I basically copied the cover descriptions, and included contents lists), my comms were excellent (winning bidder, despatch notes, etc), postage costs were exactly what Royal Mail charged, no extra at all, etc. If I had been one of my buyers, I would have absolutely no reason to put anything less than 5 stars - but obviously they didn't. Frown
Hi Biscuit

I know from my feedback most of buyers compliment me on my packing and fast delivery, which has also been better than most things I have ever bought on eBay, and I bought quite a lot on there before I decided to start selling.

So I would only advocate less than positive feedback when the buyer has obviously left one star across the board or close to that, in otherwords totally unreasonable.

As far as eBay is concerned they will currently do anything that is easy (meaning cheap) to improve their image to buyers and yes their explanation of what each star is worth is extremely biased, warm and reasonable to the buyer damning for a seller.

Next they will be stating that a 4 star hotel is not worth going into for fear of being robbed, mind you the executives probably wouldn't be seen dead in less so I suppose there is some merit in that. Wink

Ideally they would love every seller to include p&p in the item sales value, higher insertion fee and FVF, and you could still get dinged for p&p into the bargain.

Nevermind gives the prospective (because no one else comes close in the USA let alone in in the UK) competition more customers i.e. sellers Smile
Hi Pete, you cannot identify specifically but when sales are slow, feedback trickles in say one or two a day and you subscribe (free) to dsrwatch it informs you of even small changes by email.

I always used to check my stars before responding to feedback anyway, dsrwatch gives the value numerically to greater precison.

Of course if sales are good with a large quantity of feedback flowing in all day then the unreasonable ones should be swamped. So in that respect when you are most vulnerable it is the most effective. Smile
I try not to look at those stupid stars, but it's really hard not to. They hit you in the face as soon as you click on someone's FB profile. Unless they are almost ALL totally grared out, I'd still buy the item if I really wanted it. Any problems I've had recently were from folks with GOOD DSR's...ya just never know.

The sellers need a rating system for the buyers..

How long did they take to pay (that would be number one of course Smile

Did they bug the ____ out of you after the sale with stupid questions

Were they generally a PITA and you've blocked them from bidding

OR--were they great to deal with

~~I'm sure you folks can think of more Big Grin

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