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Hi! Where exactly would you like to see this? We have that functionality on most of the drop-downs on the one-page lister, as well as other places on the site (where you enter the first letter/number and it highlights the first item meeting that criteria), but if there's another place on the site where it would be helpful let us know.
I am not 100% sure if this is what itsjustme is talking about...but pretty sure it is.

IF you go to Amazon and type in for instance you are looking for black and decker toaster oven. If you start to type in Black (first amazon will start finishing word black then if you put and in will show black and decker and it shows options below for black and decker items.

Ebay is pretty much same way. You start it and they finish it. Best buys is same way.

It is like it is guessing what you are going to put. IF you then click where is shows black and decker it will have say toaster oven.

Pretty nifty little thing.

Itsjustme...if this is not what you are talking about...sorry...I just happened to see this on those sites and thought would share just in case.
thx lookandbuyme and ed...that is what i am talking about.

when the list of choices is a long one, it is a cherished feature. and as i mentioned above, auctiva is the only site i use, that does not offer this.

on the one page lister, other than custom item specifics, the drop downs don't have many choices so its not as seriously time wasting as on custom item specifics.

it would be great that if under the list for brand, one could click v, for example and not have to manually scroll to the bottom of a list

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