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Buyer pays for a item via paypal, item no longer available, so I promptly refund the buyer. Buyer repays me the next day. (Yes I included notes as to why I refunded the money). I refund again with a note. She pays me again. I refund her and she repays me 3rd time. I am sitting here with her $10.49! What am I to do. Help needed dealing with thick headed person!

2nd thought... wait till it goes to non-receipt complaint? Hate to do that!
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Did you include the notes to the buyer inside the Paypal refund? I've found people usually miss that one. You could try sending a seperate email, send it through Ebay messages so buyer will get it in ebay and in ISP. That's what I've done in the past...You would think they'd wonder tho, why they keep getting refunded?? Roll Eyes

I really hope it doesn't go to non-reciept but if the buyer is as oblivious as s/he sounds, s/he probably isn't even aware of that option.
Here's an option. Refund the price, and file an unpaid item dispute. (You can do that!)

You can check the box saying the buyer did not want the item, and mark it as mutualy agreed not to complete, or item unavailable. (This short-circuits the normal seven-day waiting period for filing.)

Then the buyer must respond or get an unpaid item strike and lose the right to leave feedback.

They may clear it by paying again of course, but it's pretty hard to ignore an unpaid item dispute notice.

If they respond you are risking a neg, but you are always in danger of a neg just by dealing on ebay. The worst I got was a neut from an unavailable item, which I though unfair as it was an accidentally duplicated listing of what was clearly the same item Red Face (Used vintage photogrphic equipment rarley comes in matched pairs with identical serial numbers, and this buyer bid on bothRoll Eyes)
Hi Actinic,
Don't think that would work...the purpose of a UID is to get the buyer to pay (which they've already done 2 or 3 times Smile
And if mutually agreed is chosen, and the buyer DOESN'T agree (and also has proof of payments and refunds) it just turns into a big mess.

Forgot to add--buyer can still leave FB as long as they respond to dispute. Just no donut and no difference in rating...but the comment would still be there.....
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