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Its been functional for a few days, the link got posted in the ebay forums and well it went from there. People have made purchases from it for at least the last three days testing it out.

I honestly don't know how I feel about it, I honestly think its going to sink but thats my opinion. They are trying to compete with Amazon and frankly I don't think its going to work. It was wasted money that could of been used to fix whats wrong with and to enhance what they already have.

As for what to say to buyers, lol ...I don't know guess I'll have to wait until someone asks me to see what I'm going to say.

One big plus is our auctiva showcases do show in express, so as hard as ebay tried to have only new listings and not have any way for a buyer to get to our ebay stores there are still ways.
Originally posted by AngelLisa:
thats because the offical release to the public won't be for a few to several days. It was suppose to be this week, however they found some bugs they wanted to fix first. so only sellers got the offical live letter as I understand.

Well that gives me time to edit over 100 listings to fix the problem that doesn't show up on ebay just Express!

Stupid ebay Roll Eyes

Add a # in front of my color code to make the background show up and make my listings readable. Like I didn't have enough stuff to catch up on after my lack of motivation and then my camping trip!

Stupid ebay, I think I just lost my motivation again, maybe I should head back to the woods for a few more days.

But then again on the bright side I have been meaning to revamp my template, but this isn't what I had in mind Razz

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