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Hello bluebirds15 -

There was an issue yesterday with gallery images that came about as a result of a known issue on the eBay side. Last night, we made adjustments on our end to resolve the issue and you should be able to post listings again without encountering the same trouble.

As for the listings that ran into difficulty yesterday, it is likely most efficient to go ahead and revise them via eBay as the Gallery images cannot be revised from within your Auctiva account. Should you encounter any further difficulty with listings posted going forward, please provide the details of what you experience and an example of an item number where a problem arose in a support case and we'll be happy to look into it further.

- Craig
Rest assured, we are doing our best to come up with a workaround to try to resolve this issue. It's an ebay bug, where ebay is not supporting secured images. We already have a case open with ebay and they are working to resolve the issue. You can replicate this problem on the ebay site, when attempting to upload a secured image (an image where the url starts with "https") using the "Import from web" link. The same ebay bugs impacts users of the ebay API, applications like Auctiva.

With that said we are developing a workaround to resolve this issue until ebay can get the bug fixed. As soon as we have the fix in place, we will let the community know.

Thanks for your patience,

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