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•eBay has placed a shipping cap on the first flat rate domestic shipping service for certain media categories. For the primary category that you chose, the cap is set to $4.00. Please change your first flat rate shipping cost to a value equal to or less then this price.

Catagory is 2228 - Books-Textbooks, Education.

Time Life books - 27 volume set.

No way am I going to mail this boxed lot for only $4.00

I don't understand why this keeps popping up. I have checked on a lot of other listings on Ebay regarding this product and there doesnt seem to be any restrictions on the shipping amount - the Ebay auctions I looked at are also users of Activa.

I am trying to sell a grouping of books and want to ship them all in one package. THAT IS MEDIA - why is it showing that I have a cap of $4.00 in media shipping but other Auctiva users do not seem to have the problem as they are listing their bulk books at the appropriate Media shipping fees. Please let me know what I am doing wrong.

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