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I have been a member of eBay for some time, but new to Auctiva. I have bought and sold.

Tonight, I was trying to list 10 items and after the fourth one I get an error stating that eBay now limits items you can list in a 30 day period?

This is the first I heard of this. I have sold 30 items at a time before and never had this problem. what gives?
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Sounds like a question for the Bay. I just posted 56 listings this week in one shot, after not having done it for several years, and therefore did't have any seller ratings under their new system. Tech response is generally horrid, but gotta say that I tried the live online service a couple days ago, with the support person very knowledgeable and courteous. Who'da thot that would ever happen?!!
Pretty much. I received their canned response of we are unable to increase your limit blah blah blah.

The most frustrating thing is when you talk to customer service, they tell you that certain items are on a 'restricted' list. BUT they will not disclose what is on the list, how your trigger their imaginary alarm and how to PROVE what you are trying to sell is genuine. AND nowhere in their terms and service does it say that there is a 'restricted' items list. I think they are shooting themselves in the foot.

I am SO excited about the email I got this morning about Auctiva Commerce. My husband and I were just talking about that there needs to be an alternative to eBay.
I too encountered a similar problem with listing restrictions on ebay, I listed one Dior item and it stopped me from listing a 2nd one. The reason ebay gave had to do with a court case brought by Louis Vuitton in France, since that case(and others) ebay have stopped sellers from listing more than one "designer item" in 30days.
I fired off an email to them and asked them why they assumed I was a crook, how dare they.For them to assume that I was selling fake goods and tarring all sellers with the same brush was outrageous,I advised them that I would be seeking legal advice regarding slander etc etc. Lo and behold the restriction was lifted almost immediately. Ebay staff have been denied all use of common sense and if if the computer says NO they become robotic in their response and do not read (listen to) the sellers concern. For too long now they have had their own way and sellers had to "like it or lump it" ebays way or the highway. Well, today I choose the highway and closed ny ebay store. The fee increase of £8 GBP per month (from £6 GBP to £14.99GBP)for a basic shop, plus all other fee increases, meant that I was selling my items and they plus their partner in crime PP were taking the bulk of any money made.
Santa Baby Jeff, has in mind a terrific present for all of us here on the Auctiva site. I have been trying the new Auctiva Beta and I cannot wait for the live roll out. Sellers unite and stand together with Santa Baby Jeff and we shall all make our fortunes and (hopefully) be better off.
When any business forgets it's bread and butter customers it is always a mistake as customers vote with their feet.
Originally posted by Donna920:
E-Bay has pushed too far. I'm done with them.

I agree 100% with you. Wink
Ebay has pushed and pushed and you can bet they are not done pushing yet! Ebay's paperless payment crap was all I could handle.

There is just no way in heck I am going to let ANY company "Never mind just ebay" dictate what types of payments my company can and can't except! Talk about big brass balls! It is high time ebay got knocked off that pedestal they have themselves on.

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