Which site do they sell faster?
Which site do you get higher sales prices?
What results have you had selling Out of Print books on ebay or half.com

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While I don't have any advice as a seller, I can say that as a buyer of out-of-print books, I would look on Amazon and Alibris first.
Out of print - I would not do half.com.

Ebay, maybe - but books are difficult. I have a 100 year old set of 22 volumes of Voltaire's collected works. they retail for over 1000 euro if you have a buyer - I have never found a buyer.

With no UPC I can't list them on half.com, and with Ebay I am stuck with a one week listing and an extravagant listing fee if I try to have a minimum bid as well as little chance of selling.

Try to find a real book seller and negotiate a deal - there is really nothing on the net that will guarantee sellers decent money.

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