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I was taken by surprise this weekend when I reivised some Ebay listings - they have a whole new screen layout. I found it really cumbersome but I'm sure alot of that will be just getting used to the new format. However, I just attempted in this new format to change my Gallery photo and can't figure out how. Anyone else struggling with this new format?

Just found out I was selected to TEST Ebay's new SELL item format which carries over to the REVISE item and RELIST item formats. Don't know how I got so lucky, but after my inital frustration, I was forced to work my way through it, as I had listings that had to be posted today.

Just realized this format change has been implemented for the "Relisting" function also but apparently not systemwide. I am getting the new format when Revising AND Relisting on Ebay.UK but only getting it on the Relisting function for
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I came across these new screens myself recently, and boy do they suck. I can't for the life of me understand how they think these are easier.

I tried to do a relist the other night, but I ended up going back and using eposter again and easting the extra 35 cent charge. Their form "demanded" I supply things I wasn't willing to supply. Forget that. eBay just continues to suck more and more. I hate them.

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