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Originally posted by Zenny:
When I tried listing an item on eBay using Auctiva. Ebay shutdown my account and send me an email saying they suspect an unauthorised 3rd party listed and bid on items on my behalf.


Help and advice.


Hello Zen,

When you click on 'My Account > eBay Settings (from your Auctiva Homepage)

What do you see there?

You should have your eBay Account Username there, your eBay Email address, Valid Token should say 'YES'.

Verify all that matches and maybe click on 'GET NEW TOKEN'.

If the error continues, click on HELP and submit a support ticket.

Best regards,
This happened yesterday night as well and ebay had locked my account.

I've tried the new token option as well. I sorted my account and listing with a Customer Service Rep online. But I missed my listing time and now have to wait another day.

He said he set a note on my account to stop this from happening again.

If I'm gonna sell something else ill check with Auctiva Help.

Actually to me it sounds as if Ebay thinks a third party (i.e. scammer) has hijacked your account and listed things in your name.
You are suspended because of shill bidding (not saying you did, just what THEIR words make me think of)
"""3rd party listed and bid on items on my behalf"""
This has nothing to do with a say they shut down your account, in other words suspension??

If you really don't know what's going on, you'll have to go to Ebay Live Help.

Good luck.

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