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Shocked to discover how much profit eBay makes on shipping.

Intended to print an international 1st class label via eBay, but they wanted $8.60 while & USPS were $4.45 - NICE profit!

Have noticed this on Priority as well. USPS/Stamps asks for #s and ozs and gives an accurate fee - eBay gives postage fee in pound increments such as 1 lb or less = $$; 2 up to 3 lbs =##. I sell lightweight items, many times only 1 ounce over the pound, but eBay charges for the remaining 15 oz. grrrrr

Thanks for letting me vent...
Original Post
Hi- note sure if I understand how this could be???

I just put in 1 ounce package (also put in large envelope rate)to:

Canada from US in USPS website...It shows $6.55 ebay $6.16 auctiva $6.34

Brazil from US in USPS $6.55 ebay $6.16 auctiva $6.34.

I went to website & this is what they say they charge:

First Class Package International Service (1-2 oz., zone 1) $6.16* (and up)

So confused on the numbers you got as was ready to jump on the money saving train.

Maybe I am missing something here???

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