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Just to let you know, Jess,

Your Auctiva store exists, because you have an Ebay store. So when you work your Ebay store, you are in effect working your Auctiva store. However the look of the Auctiva store can be very different than the Ebay store, since they both have different site templates. You can also have a unique domain name for the Auctiva store by buying it through auctiva. The only sameness in the two stores is only in the product that is in effect sold on Ebay.

The marketing clincher is that much of your traffic to purchase through either store comes in from the internet and the listings showing up on say Google search. Ebay does not necessarily show your Ebay store pages in all the searches, unless you are rated for highest search.

Currently my Ebay/Auctiva stores are outselling the new fixed price type Ebay search. I'm not sure if I will stay with the fixed price method and just give Ebay money for nothing. I do list about one to two auctions a day on a 7 day cycle with links to my Ebay store saying to go look at the huge inventory I have in my Ebay store. That generates sales as well.

With the economy troubles as they are, there are dead duck days with no sales at all. Just the way it is these days.

My 3 regular websites still outproduce any sales I have on Ebay. Ebay is also my costliest venue per $1.00 made by quite a bit. I just use Ebay for farming sales in a cascading style through Ebay legal customer lead generation methods. In other words, I migrate potential customers through auctions to my Ebay store. From purchases, emails and about me page, etc, I lead them to my websites. I capture many Ebay customers this way to be loyal purchasing customers on my websites by offering lower pricing and occasional quantity purchased discounts.

Hope this helps generating a long term business plan.

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