how do you edit the qty in a listing that has variations, when one of the variations has a zero qty. I do a lot of b2g1 free deals and when that can not figure out how to put 3 into their cart I have to edit the listing to account for the free one. The problem is auctiva will not let you update quantities when there is a 0 in one of the variations. I would do it on ebay but when you upload variation images via auctiva ebay gives a self hosting image error "A mixture of Self Hosted and EPS pictures are not allowed."


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Hello Michael -

In order to set a quantity of zero on any variant, you first need to be using the Out of Stock feature on eBay, and ensure that you have updated your eBay preferences in Auctiva so that your eBay Account Information page shows that Out of Stock is enabled.

If you already have the feature enabled on eBay and it shows in your Auctiva account, please file a support case letting us know a sample listing or two where you have run into difficulty and which variations in the listing this is occurring with so we can look into it further.

- Craig

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