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My listing wind up in ebay with all different font sizess. Can Auctiva please use numbered font like on ebay and everywhere else?

What drives me up a wall with Auctiva font is the sizes are small smaller medium large larger much larger much smaller and so on.

In ebay they are numbered.

The medium font here is tiny in ebay. Nothing matches. Once sentence is larger then next medium the next tiny. I can't get them the same unless I go change the html. after changing it here they go to ehay and I have to change them again. this is no picnic. For these reasons I hate listing from auctiva but I have to on certain items.
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Yes! I have been wrestling with this problem for months, I think support is at a loss...they say my listings look OK to them but to me they are in tiny default font no matter what I do.

Sometimes they post to ebay and they look as I had intended them, and sometimes I have to revise to get them right. I totally agree, the general numbered font sizes would be a great substitute for what they have now.
I also have problems with the heading font (when you list with a template) being much too large! It's as if we think the viewer is nearly blind and requires large print. It is around size 24 font. Why is there no choice as to weather or not we even want that heading that is forced on listers who use templates? Why do we even need that heading?? If we leave it blank auctiva changes it to the subject heading on ebay.

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