Been having trouble getting errors when trying to upload pictures there the wright sizing some times it takes 4 or 5 tries to upload pictures, this has been a problem for some time but this evening i can't get any pictures to upload at all.
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Hi Michael C -

I am not aware of any issues with uploader that would prevent you from being able to upload your images, but you may need to ensure that your Java is up to date. You can check to ensure that you have the most current version of Java at

If you continue to encounter difficulty uploading your images, please let us know the details of what you are experiencing in a support case, which you can file from under the Help tab of the site so we can take a look.

- Craig
Java is up to date, i had this error again to day it took three times but on the third time i logged out and back in and it worked for half of the pictures then i got this error,

026.JPG' failed. Invalid Image or Filename. Upload Failed. Image is too big to upload at this time. Please try resizing it to1024 x 1280 or smaller before uploading again.

I know my pictures sizing are correct so it has to be something in the programing ever once in a great while i can upload like 30 pictures in 1 try most times it takes 3 or more try's to get pictues uploaded.
Happened again today 26 pictures to upload got 5 done failed the rest tried again and all the failed again logged out and logged back in got three more done and the rest filed retried and got the rest done. Frown hopefully i don't have to go and use some other program i like this site a little more time will tell.
I am having the same exact problem. I have been trying to upload photos for over a week now. I am getting the same errors as you. My photos are resized to the same size they have been for the hundreds of other photos I have uploaded to this site.
I have been using this site for years now, but when I have an issue every so often, there is NOT good support and communication.
Hello samkablam -

I am sorry to hear that you are encountering difficulty uploading images.

If you are certain that your Java is up to date and are continuing to encounter this difficulty, we may need to have a look at the images themselves to see what may be occurring. In this case I would suggest that you send in a support case with the details of your experience noting that the images are similar to previous successes so we can look into it; we may ask you to send some of the problematic images in for testing purposes.

You can also try the new uploader on another thread of this forum where it is being shown in beta, which will also allow you to upload images to your account (you need to be signed in before using it). We hope to make the new uploader, which does not require Java, available in accounts in the near future. Please see:

- Craig
Maybe their new system will be helpful for uploading images. When Auctiva changed this before, I was unable to upload pictures from my PC, using 3 different browsers. I gave up on Auctiva on any new listings. I just kept my account for the saved listings. Their support was not helpful. I just did all new listings through eBay.
Tried using the new uploader in Chrome with little success. My first batch went through, but Chrome froze at least three times, so I went to IE and I could not drag and drop. I had to open each photo, one at a time. Am pretty much done with Auctiva! I have limited time to post my listings, and spending an hour trying to load less than 50 photos is unacceptable!!!!

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