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I have been trying to list items today using auctiva and everythng is out of whack....the description looks fine but when I preview everything is upside down and I go in and correct it and it remains the same...making my work load double as once listed on ebay I have to go in and revise everthing...impossible.
I am so frustrated as this isn't the 1st time it has been happening for weeks... now we have to pay for this and things should be running smoothly. Is anybody else having this problem or am i having an upside down kinda day
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What exactly do you mean by upside down??

The formatting IS a MESS and it doesn't look like anyone is trying to fix it. Support requests go unanswered. Member Danno had an easy fix that's been working for me...When I type my description in a certain font and size, or change the color...then preview and it looks NOTHING like what I've just done..I go back in, hit HTML, then hit Standard again (thanks Danno). That seems to put it back to how I originally did it.

But I've never had anything upside down, at least not yet Confused

This is something that really NEEDS to be addressed.........
Thanks for your reply.
I will try that...a big thanks.
When I say upside down I mean that for eg: my company policy information goes to the top of the page and the description of the item I am selling goes to the bottom of the page.
I type it all in correctly but when I preview it is upside down.
I will try what you suggested, thanks so much
I agree with all said. When the service was FREE I just decided to live with it, but now that it is a fee-for-use service it needs to work.

Besides the format that is crazy in preview, my spell-check has not worked for months, which is dangerous!

Does management ever look at these comments?

I think it is interesting that eBay is offering 5 free listings a month. I had not used their listing service in ages and sure do find it easier and quicker when it comes to formatting the description, but of course I miss the decorative templates.

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