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I've got 2 feedbacks that should have been given to me by now, actually should have been given to me about a month ago from 2 different people. One is from something I sold someone at the end of January. I have tried to get in contact with the buyer to see if they have even gotten the item, but have heard nothing back from them.
The second thing Im waiting for feedback on is 2 items I purchased from the same person back on Feburary 4th. I have also tried to get in contact with this person too but have not heard back from them. I received my items from them in a timely manner and was very pleased with items and have left them feedback when I first received items.
Is there anything you can do for unleft feedback?
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I always send a personal note thanking them for their business indicating that their item has been shipped. In that note I indicate that I highly value my 100% Feedback Rating and strive to provide excellent customer service. Then I add a blurb asking that they provide positive feedback timely as this lets me know that they have received their package and are happy with their purchase. Any problems, please contact me immediately before leaving neutral or negative feedback. Good communication solves most any problem. If you are selling quality merchandise and honest about any flaws, you will rarely have any dissatisfied buyers. In 5 years I have only 2 bad transactions and I just ate it and refunded their money rather than have them leave negative feedback. My return feedback is about 98% and I still maintain 100% Feedback after 5 years of selling.
I too agree with everyone else..NEVER ask for FB, or you might end up opening a can of worms. As a buyer I leave FB when I get my item and am happy with it. As a seller I leave it after I recieve it..Some sellers leave it in batches (as I do on occasion), some leave it once a week, and some might not leave it at all.
I also send a short personal 'thank you' note but I never ever mention FB.
Remember it's voluntary Smile
I just ate it and refunded their money rather than have them leave negative feedback

Won't do that, result, one neg in 1600 feedbacks and no one can hold my 100% hostage in exchange for satisfying their whims at my expense.

Nevermind will not need to worry about feedback problems from May with rolling calculation of % and a crippled feedback system. Should be quite a circus in town this summer Smile

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