Stupid question: If I want unlimited image hosting which is generally needed due to Ebay's picture size requirements and doing many listings, it would cost me the pro plan fee of 19.95 plus the hosting fee of 29.85 for a total of 49.80 per month.

Would this be correct?
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Hi dutchman48,

Yes, in order to use the Pro Plan and effectively have unlimited image hosting, it would end up costing a total of $49.80 per month.

However, you would only begin to incur additional image hosting fees when your total image hosting usage exceeds the 2 GB that is included with the plan, and your monthly fees would not reach $49.80 until you have over 3 GB of image stored in your account.

You can see a complete breakdown of the additional image hosting fees which may apply to each of the plans we offer in the “Image Hosting Policy” section of our Payment Terms page located at:

I hope this clears things up!

Thanks Mike

Because Ebay now requires such large pictures, why have you not raised the basic image hosting allotment over the years to say 5 or 10 gigs. A lot of my pictures are 150 to 200 kb each and with 2 pictures or more per listing, it uses up the 1.5 or 2 gigs fairly quickly.
Hi dutchman48,

Even with eBay's new image size requirements, the amount of image hosting space that we include with our plans by default is generally sufficient for most of our users. I will forward your comments in this regard to our Product Management team as a suggestion for future consideration though.

For example, even if each of your images is 200 KB (which is larger than average), you should still be able to store over 10,000 images in the 2 GB of image hosting space that is included with the Pro Plan.

According to your Deleted Images page, it appears most of the images you uploaded into your account in the past have been significantly smaller than that though, at least once uploaded into our system.


our smallest image is around 125k (that's witht he longest side being 1200px)and we have 5.411 of them and it only takes .92 gigs. that written I agree that an increase to 2 gigs would be nice for the same 9.95 as the price of storage has fallen dramatically since the 1 gig limit was first used
But, lets say you use 8 images per listing, that is only 1250 listings. If you only use 2, that is 5000 listings. I have also cut my listings down in size due to the restrictions.

I also have 3 ID's and have similar issues on one of the other ones as well. On my hard drive, one of my images files has almost 9,000 images alone and I have dozens of files, many images have to be upgraded due to Ebay image requirements.. I really don't like the image restrictions unless you start paying almost $50/mo for unlimited.

For the loaded question, why can your competition give unlimited imaging?

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