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If you want to end fraud on ebay, you have to take away the ability to profit from it.

Here's an idea...why not require sellers to keep a deposit with ebay?

I would at least require it for high dollar listings on sellers with little or no feedback.

For established sellers, it could be a % of their average monthly sales (price + S&H).

I know there are a lot things to consider and special/difficult situations would arise, but at least this is a start.

Just like the paypal scams. What good does it do me to steal your paypal account if I can't get any money out?

If you send money, an email should go to the registered address to verify the payment and require that you login through the email to finalize the transaction.

Same if you want to transfer money.

Any changes or withdraws should require confirmation through an email sent to the registered email on file. Even the changing of that email should be confirmed through and email.
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I get your thinking, buying and selling on EBay can seem scary, but I'm not sure what you're suggesting is the best idea.

There's plenty of good advice here and on ebay forums about known scams and how to avoid them. I'm a member of a forum called !!All about selling!!

which is quite useful. I suppose the most important thing I've learned as a seller is not too leave feedback first, wait for the buyer to leave feedback and then they are less likely to falsley claim non receipt of good.

I also tend to be cautious with e-mails and log in directly to or rather than following a link from an e-mail.

Lastly - as always - if it seems to good to be true, it probably is. If you get any odd requests from members, just post them here and the veterans will be able to help you to decide what to do.

I hope you don't think I'm patronising you, but I am fairly new to all this and have learned the above in the last couple of weeks. Thankfully I haven't had to learn it the hard way.

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