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Auctiva Mike has stated elsewhere that there are no plans to make it so that the gallery photo defaults to picture #1 on the listing page.

I'd like to suggest that this be reconsidered. I would think a lot of people probably use the first picture as their gallery and/or header.

I know it would save me two clicks per listing.

Besides that, it obviously makes a lot more sense -- from a user perspective -- than defaulting to the previous pictures used (which is what happens when you Create Similar).
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Actually, Brent, you sort of do (ignoring the fact that you're skirting the header aspect, ahem).

When I Create Similar (and I always do) the gallery and header images from the original listing remain unless I go remove them or update them to one of my new images. If I remove the old images (the 16 slots, I mean) and don't replace them the old gallery and header will still remain.

How about -- when using Create Similar, at least -- if the gallery and header are already selected can they update to whatever is newly uploaded into those particular slots?
Originally posted by Auctiva Brent:
You are correct Rick! We will automatically fill in those field-but only when you have specified it previously either through creating a similar listing or from a profile.

Yeah, but my point is that I specified it previously for the original listing -- not the new one I'm working on. The way it's currently set up it automatically chooses images for gallery and header that I don't want (i.e., those from the previous listing).

How about automatically filling in those fields with the new listing's information? In other words, when I Create Similar and upload my new images the gallery and header are still tied to #1 (or whichever) -- even though they technically revert to "Custom" -- but the gallery and header images showing aren't the #1 (or whichever) that I've uploaded for the new listing.

The gallery and header revert to "Custom" when the 16 images are deleted so why not have the image go away also? Seems like it should either do that or maintain the default number slot (and fill in with whatever I've uploaded to that slot).

And I know they can be manually removed but I guess I don't understand why they don't go away when the other images are deleted (since they're tied to a particular image slot).

I love the Custom option but the new set-up actually requires more work per listing that wasn't necessary before.
Many of you already know this but just to reiterate something that I have found to be really really helpful (did not always know this).

When "creating a similar listing" (new) and all those images from that listing show up (but are not applicable to the new listing you're creating), CLICK on anyone of the images. When your group of images come up, they are, of course, numbered. Go to the top and click on RESET, than proceed to choose the images you want. When DONE, they will automatically replace those that were there. Instead of removing your Header and Gallery Image, JUST do the drop down and choose the # you want, it will also replace.

This is "ALMOST" as good as what we are all asking for. You just have to REMEMBER to do it. Hope I was clear in explaining.

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