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We have over 4500 listings on Ebay - I am finding that many of our listings are missing their gallery photos - it appears that about 90% of any listing older than Jul 2014 is missing its gallery picture when viewed in Ebay. This is meaning significant lost sales and income. All the ones I have checked meet the Ebay picture guidelines of a minimum of 500 pixels on the longest side. All of of our pictures are at least 600 pixels on the longest side. It is affecting approx 1500 of our listings or approx 30%

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Hello Federal Books,

We are not aware of any issues on our end that would prevent gallery images from showing on eBay - and if your Header image is showing on those listings it indicates that we have sent the image information to eBay appropriately.

If the header/gallery image you submitted with a listing is showing up in the header image area and not the gallery image area, it is indicative that eBay was unable to make a copy of the image for display in the gallery for some reason. You should be able to correct this problem in any listings that are affected using the eBay tool on the following page:

However, if you continue to encounter difficulty with your images after running this tool, please feel free to file a support case with us so we can take a look into it.

Looks like it is a known Ebay Australia issue:

Gary, we apologise for any inconvenience this has caused you. We are already aware of this issue and have already escalated this to our Technical Support team. Rest assured that they are checking on this already. Estimated repair date is on 2016 January 11

Well thanks for nothing Ebay Australia! A known issue and its going to take a few months before you get around to fixing it....Oh thats ok then - as long as you know

Thanks Craig - I should have known who the usual suspects were.
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