Am wondering if anyone has seen any increases in sales from Google tools/venue yet?

Am trying to make some decisions on making some moves and am just curious to see if anyone can see any success yet?

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My ecrater stores were hopping for the last three days.

I don't know if it's because I changed my payment terms to accept GBuy and that reindexed the stores as updated info or if I'm just lucky.

Never know what the future will bring. Be out on the web as much as possible.

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Well, know what else I did? And it worked, too!

I took the eBay Stores forum suggestion of putting my eBay store on vacation for a few hours.

It helped to reindex my items and I had an increase in sales.

If you have a store read the forums and do some research to see if you think it could work for you.

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I took your lead and put my store on vacation for the next few days. I personalized the message stating that I had 2 weddings to attend, and was receiving new inventory, which I really am. I will keep you posted to see how it goes. I also am wondering about the info on the seller's board about opting out of Ebay Express which others said might increase sales. Have you done this yet? I took myself off for about a week, and then nothing changed so I turned the feature back on. I have no idea if Express is helping any other sellers out. Also Donna I am very new , not to Ebay, but to having a store. What has been your experience in terms of what time of year sales are slow, and when are they at a peak? Just wondering because my store has been hot and dead cold week to week. Auctions are not doing well at all. I started losing money and may not do any more unless it is just one or two to draw in buyers.
Thanks Donna again for all that you contribute to everyone.


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Did you in your message continue to have your items selling or did you totally put them on hold?

I opted out of EE two weeks ago and then opted back in last week. I've been volleying the vacation off and on here and there in between.

I can't say whether it helped or not..honest or I'd let you know one way or another.

I don't have much to go on as it's summer. My sales are in line with the last 7 sumers of sales for this ID. This is EBay's slow time and I take the summer off from my other 3 eBay IDs to enjoy life.

Sellers are closing eBay stores fast as lightning according to the stats I've seen. I myself closed one of my stores last year and was and still might close this one. For now I'm loading it up until the 22nd and will let those ride out until they close and then make a decision.

The several message boards I belong to are also buzzing that because eBay made the announcement of the higher fee's. AND sellers are automatically closing their stores that the sellers that are left our sales are reindexing higher. It makes sense.

I'd love to see you get a really great logo for your store it would give you a huge punch plus buyers remember logo's. Names sometimes, but never logo's. One that suits you and your business to a T would be perfect. I know of several persons (several on this board to be honest) that do this and/or did you know Auctiva does this? You could contact Brent via Templates. They do a great job! Have you seen mine? It's my avatar and here's the link to my one open store for the summer that Auctiva designed for me. Template and Logo!

Travel safely and have a good time at the wedding!

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